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Book review: Frankly in Love

Sneak Peak FRANKLY IN LOVE tells the story of Frank Li, a Korean American high school senior in Southern California. His parents emigrated from Korea and expect Frank to live up to their traditional expectations, which include dating a Korean girl. There’s just one problem: Frank’s fallen in love with Brit Means, a white girlContinue reading “Book review: Frankly in Love”

Why read??

Any avid book reader (such as myself) will tell you that immersing yourself in a great novel brings your imagination to life and transports you to another world where all the troubles you face in reality don’t exist- it’s just you and the characters. When we read we’re improving lots of aspects of our well-being,Continue reading “Why read??”


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Hi, I’m Eve, an avid reader and die-hard romance fanatic who loves nothing more than curling up in bed with my booklight and a juicy YA romance novel to get lost into. Follow my blog and I’ll share my honest thoughts and opinions on some of the best and worst romance novels that I read, and hopefully I can give you the most exciting and extensive “must read” list to keep you in the grasps of the best hobby in the world- READING.

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